Getting creative with Misty from Bubba Lubba

As an early childhood teacher and mother to three-year-old daughter Tatum, Misty Bouwer is certainly busy. But it doesn’t stop her from pursuing her creative dreams on the side. Discovering a love for sewing, Misty started a handmade children’s clothing and décor company. Featuring delicate bibs and bows and everything in between, she’s now set up her business entitled Bubba Lubba online. With almost 500 friends and followers combined on Facebook, Misty is kicking it in the craft world.
We interviewed Misty to get an idea of how she turned something she loved into something even more awesome…
Can you tell us a little bit about Bubba Lubba and how it started?
Bubba Lubba Boutique came about after having my daughter. I’m an early childhood teacher so am used to being extremely busy! Once we’d settled into a routine and I was on maternity leave, I decided to pursue other creative interests. I was already a huge supporter of handmade, having found many lovely stores and even lovelier ladies running them on Instagram. I had sewn quite a lot when I was younger and continued to do small projects here and there. However, the time at home and a gorgeous baby girl renewed my interest. Having always been quite crafty, I also expanded this into custom decor such as customised plaster letters, matryoshkas and peg dolls.
What process do you undertake to make your clothing products? 
Basically I find patterns from various sources and fabrics that I like and would put my children in and go from there. I then run ideas past my extremely supportive insta-group of other handmaidens, creating all manner of things, and get their opinions and feedback. If its a new pattern I’ll also send a few samples to either reps or friends to ensure that the fit is right.  I like to do a limited number of each item as that was what drew me to handmade in the first place, the uniqueness and love put into each piece.
How long does it take and where do you source the materials from?
This depends on the item. Custom pieces generally take the longest as I spend time searching for special fabrics and trims to ensure a unique, one of a kind piece. A simple item such as a basic skirt can be done in about half an hour whilst something more complex, like a lined fitted dress with a twirl skirt takes much longer.
Do you just wing it when it comes to making them or do you go off a template?
I use patterns from several places, sometimes ‘mashing’ two together to create something a little more different.
How do you market your business? Is it mainly by word of mouth?
At present I mainly utilise Instagram and word-of-mouth locally. I am about to do a re-launch with exciting changes, so I will be utilising several different platforms in order to promote this.
For more information on Bubba Lubba, follow the Facebook page here. 

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