Getting your Creative Groove Back

Nowadays everyone wants to push the boundaries, think outside the box, make it to the next level and get their creative juices flowing. I won’t bore you with more overused clichés and ‘buzzwords’ – you get the picture. At work this is commonly the case. Employers push employees to come up with the ideal vision for a project in the most new, exciting, engaging and creative way possible; without stopping to think that a stroke of genius doesn’t come from good directional leadership.

The beauty of having the ability to be creative comes from a natural reservoir for curiosity and broader thinking. The same way you exercise your muscles to keep in shape, so can your creative perspective. Yet what does it mean to be creative? The standard definition describes the art of creativity to relate or involve the use of your imagination or original ideas to create something. Ah, the timeless desire to come up with the next one-of-a-kind idea.

There are multiple ways to be original and creative, and that is rooted in the being yourself and showcasing your personality in your own unique style. So how can you reign in your inner creative guru? Here are our top three pics of how to get your groove back:

  • Get disciplined; ironic as it may seem, setting aside time for yourself is the first step to getting back to a relaxed and idea-flowing mind-set
  • Say ‘ohhhmm’ and meditate; sure, it’s sounds boring at first with all that sitting still and deep breathing but finding a bit of inner peace can help you find thoughts you didn’t know you had
  • Stare and daydream; sit under a tree and look at the clouds, and simply let your mind meander
  • Get your coloured pencils; colouring books have certainly made a come-back, with cool and intricate patterns for you to fall into
  • Think inside the box; yes, you read that right – instead of thinking completely differently about something, build on those already-useful ideas in new ways
  • Pick another project; focusing all your energy on one thing may create a mental block (hello, writer’s block…) you’re bound to get stuck into – ‘distracting’ yourself with other little things on the side can effectively ease this and regain your focus

These are only some of the things that can bring back some time to get back to your creative roots.

Let us know how you get creative!

Ewelina is a communications specialist and you can follow her at @marek_ewelina.

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