How to save time on your social media like a boss


Social media is an amazing tool, letting you reach a huge number of people with the click of a button. It can, however, also be a bit of a black hole for your time. So how do you build up your presence on social media and use your time effectively?

Pick your platforms
The most important step in your businesses social media plan is choosing the right platforms. There are multiple platforms out there but there’s no need to stretch yourself thin across all of them. Pick a couple of platforms based on where your audience is ‘hanging out’ and what your social media goals are. Read our breakdown on the most popular channels here.

Establish a routine
Check your channels at certain times of the day and schedule in time to respond directly to messages (make it a meeting in your diary so you can’t put it off – quick responses are vital). It might also help to check your platforms in the same order each morning so that you don’t accidentally miss anything.

Plan your content
A content calendar is the best way to plan what you’re going to post, when you’re going to post it, and what platforms you’re going to post on. Make sure to include your image ideas and any links in your calendar – often images are one of the most time-consuming things to find!

Schedule everything
Schedule your content weekly or monthly depending on your business and you’ll have more time to curate external content and reply to messages. There are plenty of scheduling tools available to help you out here; our favourite is Hootsuite.

Measure your success not everything
If you try to record too many statistics, you might find yourself overwhelmed. Stick to monitoring the information that is useful to your goals to stop yourself from getting lost in all the numbers and pretty graphs.

Have a procedure for complaints and emergencies
To stop you wasting time panicking or figuring out what to do if something does go awry on your social media, make sure you have an action plan in place before it happens. The size and type of your business will dictate what this looks like.

Have any other tips that save you serious time on your social media game? Let us know!

Tomi is a journalist, communications specialist and social media enthusiast. You can follow her at @tomiellis0.

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