This year I will…

Ah, January. The perfect time to reflect on the past year’s progress, put plans in place, strike a fluid work-life balance and increase your successes well into the new year. To get 2017 kicked off to a good start, this year I *promise* I will…

  • Get my books in order

Yeah, I know – bookkeeping is about as enjoyable as three hours of burpees. But it’s a case of a little bit goes a long way. Why do it just once a year or once a quarter? Set aside time each week to review and organise. Set up a good system (a simple spreadsheet is a great start) and keep it up-to-date. You’ll find yourself more focused and relaxed, meaning your future self will love you for it and so will your accountant.

  • Give my business some love

We spend so much time doing work for clients that we forget we’re running a business too. Often the task of promoting a small business slips to the bottom of the to-do list in lieu of urgent tasks. So, make promotion a priority and create a marketing plan. Keep an eye on your marketing and branding by monitoring your social media channels and setting up an editorial calendar (don’t forget to use it, too).

  • Have some down time

Working 24/7 doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting more done. In fact, having a break can clear your mind and allow great ideas to brew. It also helps your sanity. Step away from your inbox when you’re not working, switch off your devices and focus on family, friends and have some fun.

  • Learn something new

Learning something new is a positive step, whether it’s in relation to your personal or business life. It could be yoga, a business marketing course or a surfing lesson. Whatever the skill, it will work to add dimension to your life and ultimately increase the success of your business. Never stop learning!

  • Join a networking group

Networking became passé for a while there, but these types of gatherings are becoming all the rage again. Maybe it’s because people in small business love to socialise, swap ideas and make contacts. Look out for networking groups specifically related to your industry, or follow organisations dedicated to bringing small businesses together. Find one that suits your style and if nothing else, you’ll make new friends.

Brooke Hunter is a journalist and Wordy Bird writer. Follow her at @brooke_land.